MS Word 2000 text box question

sapphiresNovember 8, 2005


I am Sapphires daughter she is still laid up with her back. She said the good people here could answer my question.

While in MS Word 2000, I know how to insert the text box onto an image, but how can you get rid of the text box lines? Is there a way? Or is there a different way in this program to insert text without the box lines showing? Thank you and Mom says hello.

Sapphires daughter

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Hi Sapphires,
Sapphires daughter,
I don't know if this is what you mean, but I go to Format, TextBox and change the color to white.
You have to have the text box with your text typed, I guess, otherwise that option is not available.

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method 1-
Select the text box, (hatch marks will appear when box is selected)>right click on the hatch marks>format text box. In Format Text Box dialog box>colours and lines tab>under line color-select 'no line'.

method 2-
bring up the drawing toolbar,
view>toolbars>drawing>find the line color icon, click on the down arrow and select 'no line' from there.

Just so you know for next time, your question might be better posted on the computer help forum. I believe there is a link to it at the top of this forum page.

Hope this helped you, and hello to Sapphires.

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Sorry Urlee,

Guess we posted at the same time.

I think it would work better if you selected 'no line' using one of my two methods. That way if you have a dark background, a white line doesnt show up.

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You are right Judy,
I am unfamiliar with the tricks of the trade in Word but thought something like what I put would help a little.
I had that problem on my Win98 computer where that solved it but Sapphire's may be different where the white would show?
I was warm, anyhow. :)


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Judy S,
By golly, you are right!!!!
I didn't know of that option! I learned something.

Here is the solution!

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Well Mom was right you were all a big help. I am sorry that I posted in the wrong forum for this question. Ok, I made sure to print out your instructions and I will go finish my word document. Thank you all.

Sapphires daughter- Jessi

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Glad I could help Jessi.

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