Asphalt shingle recommendations?

EAM44May 14, 2014

I would rather be using metal but the estimate came in at more than twice the estimate for asphalt and I don't have the money. So asphalt it will be.

That said, I'm told they don't make asphalt shingles like they used to. The actual composition has changed over time and the warranties are useless. So, is there an asphalt shingle that is higher quality than others? My roof guy want to use IKO Cambridge IR Architectural shingles.

I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: IKO

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In my hay day, I installed nearly every manufacturer out there. Your perception of today's shingles is like a catch 22. One would need a crystal ball to see if they hold up 30-40 yrs from now. But, I can tell you of an experience with my first hand knowledge of IKO from 25 or so years ago.

The owner was selling the home, and looking for a typical 20 yr, 3 tab shingle. I installed an IKO, 3 tab, which was my first ever experience with a metric shingle. I pass the home nearly every day, and the roof still looks good from the street. By this I mean, the color still stands out, and I see no buckling on the front side of the roof. Now this isn't a claim it's not in need of a new roof, after all, it was a 20 year shingle. This is in the Midwest where we have extreme weather and temperature changes.

Manufacturer warranties are pro-rated, and most require you use their accessories and/or by an installer certified by the same.

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Well that's good to know Roof. I'm n the Midwest as well. I haven asked my guy if he is a certified installer, but it's good to know the shingle he wants to use is made by a good company. Thanks

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