Eat at a high end restaurant for $2!

highfaith103June 13, 2009

Hey everyone, for this weekend only you can get gift certificates to almost any restaurant for $2! some restrictions apply depending on each restaurant. It seems like they have these promotions every month. My fiance' and I used one last month, it really worked, LOL! We were so shocked!

visit this site to get all the details and gift certificates:

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We've used it a few times with good results. It helps the restaurants because we have tried places we would not have eaten at otherwise.

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I don't quite understand the restaurants limitations. What would this mean?

"Valid for dinner menu only with a minimum purchase of $50/2 entrees".

This is a little neighborhood place and none of their dinners are anywhere near $25. Friend and I stop there for lunch once in a while just because of the location but wouldn't be a destination if going out.

Some of the others have minimums of $35. too, or is that just minimum order for the certificates?

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Hey, Canadians!

Does anyone know whether this is available in Canada, or parts thereof, or is it another of those "U.S. only" things?

I get many messages, almost daily, with various offers, carrying the proviso, "Must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident".

ole joyful

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Not even a US thing... NO restaurants withing 20 miles of me!

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Hi LuAnn from the neighbouring state ...

... life has its tough spots, everywhere, from time to time, I heard.

ole joyful

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I used to rush to the pizza or sub shops at closing time and sometimes walk away with exta pizza or just a ton of food that they wasnt picked up they normally would toss for the price of one.

Taco bells here used to load me up at the drive through at closing time. Order two each of a couple of things and get home to find 10 of each plus a bonus or two.

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breenthumb the minimums are generally for the entire bill. For instance it may be a $20/$30 ($20 off a $30 purchase), $25/$35, etc.

Google coupon codes. They will run coupon codes for 80% off, 70% off, and once or twice a year a 90% off code. Those percentages are off the regular price of $4 for a $25 gift certificate. The current code is only 60% off with some free gift certificate to somewhereoranother. The 80% off code was last week.

Some certificates, especially those that are $10/$10 or $25/$25 go fast and are not restocked regularly.

YMMV of course

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I use frequently. One of our favorite restaurants is on the list. I don't want to wear out my welcome at this place by using the coupons every time so I only use one when we are taking friends who have never been there.

I always check for these coupons in the area we will be traveling. Example: We will be in Denver area for a week and I have bought two coupons using the latest 80% off code.

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So, may I buy four certificates and use them all at the same time, if there's nothing on the site saying I can't?

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Never mind, I read the terms and conditions - one certificate at a time. I was surprised, because some the restaurants specifically say this and some don't, so I figured that it wasn't a general rule.

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