Men's 100% cotton dress shirts

mid_tn_mamaJune 16, 2003

Where is the best place to buy Men's 100% cotton dress shirts online or by catalogue?


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I would try ebay first, but if you want something new, probably TJ Maxx, Ross dress for less, or Marshall's would probably have something of good quality for cheap.

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Online - We like LandsEnd and LL Bean for mens shirts. They aren't cheap, but they are a good quality. They also have catalogs.

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Landsend catalog will ship the item free to your closest Sears, so you don't have to pay shipping costs. You can also return Landsend to Sears, no shipping costs. Landsend is a bit pricey but they have great sales. Very high quality and good fit.

(Now what lucky person gets to iron those 100% cotton shirts?)

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I hate ironing, but I love the feel of a crisp cotton blouse or preferably cotton and polyester blend. Knits pill, don't look nice after one season and show all my sins. LOL

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My husband gets his through Lands' End.

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Sally Brownlee

Jos Banks, or Brooks Bros.

Neither are cheap, but great fitting shirts and wash and wear well.

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If you need a crispy ironed shirt for your job,, you might want to just move to Florida before you retire.

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As someone who works in the clothing world: you get what you pay for in this case.

"100%" cotton shirts can be lovely...or dreadful. The longer the cotton fiber, the less it wrinkles and the better it lasts. Longer cotton fibers are often from Egypt.. American cotton is the stuff that packs the top of aspirin bottles.

You can buy whatever you want,, but this may be the case of "poor can't afford to buy cheap." Find a good dry cleaner who will launder and press your shirts well. Most places will offer a choice of getting them back on a hanger or folded.

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Another vote for Land's End. Their no-iron pinpoints are really wonderful. They guarantee them for 50 washes, but my hubby has one that is at least 7 or 8 years old and still comes out of the dryer lime new. Of course they do have to be taken out and hung up immediately. Their oxford cloth shirts also iron-free.

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