Vinyl and Petroleum

BrooklynistaMay 17, 2014

A friend recommended this forum highly, and when I couldn't figure out an answer to my question, I decided to post here.

We have Marvin Wood Ultimate windows, and I need to lubricate the channel where the sash slides. I've been using a food-grade, silicone lubricant spray, but it breaks down pretty quickly, and I wanted one with more staying power.

I found 3M Silicone Lubricant Plus, but I'm wondering about the petroleum additive in it (hence, the "Plus") damaging the vinyl. Does anyone know?

If anyone has a specific product that they use, I would be interested in knowing what it is.

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Sophie Wheeler

A lithium based lubricant like Lubriplate or Amsoil is what is used in situations where it needs to be weatherproof, like garage doors. I'd call Marvin on Monday and ask them what they recommend, and see if that's OK with them.

In addition, if your windows bind frequently, perhaps they are slightly racked, or not enough expansion gap was left in the rough opening. I'd get out a level and check the first situation. If the RO is too small, not a lot can be done at this point.

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I agree with Holly and vinyl jamb liners really should never need to be lubricated with a proper install as he mentions as well.

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Wellllll, be that as it may, these need to be lubricated. The Lubrisol that you mentioned is petroleum based, so a no-go. The search continues!

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what would be wrong with furniture paste wax?


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Pam cooking spray?

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