Kitchen with Poorly Placed Bulkhead

Rena12April 2, 2014

I need some advice. Just bought a new home with 9' ceilings and was hoping to have 42" upper cabinets and build a 12" crown to the ceiling. This is not possible due to a bulkhead that the builder will not remove running along one wall of the kitchen and over one of the upper cabinets (see top right corner).

I have a few options:

I can have the bulkhead continued above all the uppers adding the taller cabinets with the crown moulding. I am worried about how the transition from the wall with the cabinet to the wall without will end up looking.

I can have all 42" upper cabinets with the space between the cabinet moulding and the ceiling.

I can build the moulding on the range hood cover to the ceiling and have all 42"cabinets

I can have the staggered look like the model home with two standard height cabinets. I have included a picture - does this look dated?

I will be installing white shaker cabinets - going for a transitional style.

Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.

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That kitchen is gorgeous!!! Personally, I wouldn't change a least not right now.

I am a big proponent of living in a space for a while before changing things. That kitchen looks beautiful and modern.

If you don't like the dark wood, why not just paint the current cabinets and live in the space for a while to see how you use it and what things you might want changed?

As far as the bulkhead goes, is there a specific reason why it can't be removed?

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I think that's a photo of the kitchen in the model home and they are building the same plan new.

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That particular staggered look is not pleasing. It looks like the low cabinets on either side of the range hood are being held up by virtue of the might of the range hood and the cabinets on the other side. If either side lets out their breath those cabinets are going to fall down.

That particular look I would do everything to avoid.

I like the sounds of taking the moulding of the range hood to the ceiling and then the rest of the cabinets being 42" - if there is enough height difference that it looks like a deliberate style choice.

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I would not like that staggered look. I'd prefer option 3. Or is there a way not to go with that cabinet boxed hood but a regular range hood with exposed upright o rmaybe an under cabinet hood.

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What is that light thing suspended from the center of the ceiling? You don't have to have that, do you?

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I don't like the staggerd look either. But I could see where two really cool accent pieces could go on those little cab tops.

What do you all put in caninets that tall? Lol..

I am 5' 4" ish.

But I can barely reach the top shelf items on my tip toes in my "standard" cabinets. (We have soffits.)

When we redo our new house kitchen. My plans are to put in a row of 15" or so lighted with glass doors for display items all the way around the ceiling. (No soffits.)

I could never use that space for storage. ;)

So I agree with the two pictures above. I like the lines of either of those much better than staggered sized cabs.

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I'm with Linelle regarding that suspended ceiling light.

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Forgive me, I didn't realize this was a new construction. I don't really like the staggered look either, also why can't the bulkhead be removed?

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Thanks for all your responses.

Sorry, I wasn't clear about buying new construction vs. buying a new house.

You have confirmed my feelings on the staggered cabinets. People kept asking me "what's wrong with staggered" so I was second guessing myself. I think I'm leaning toward bringing the moulding on the range hood to the ceiling and having all the cabinets 42".

My family is very tall and I can put bowls, dishes, platters I don't use often on the highest shelves :)

The suspended lighting is an optional upgrade I won't be getting.

As for why the bulkhead can't be removed? A question I ask myself daily. I'm assuming there is ductwork or something in there. I was told very politely that I am buying a production home not a custom home so I can't get everything I want.

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