I'm wanting to build a tool shed/barn and need opinionsof size

obrionusaMay 16, 2013

The newer looking metal barns are more attractive than they used to be. I'm thinking of building one 12'X12' with a 5' lien two on each side. This it right side my swimming pool to hold lawn chairs, chlorine, solar blanket, mower, pool stuff and more. I was wondering if it would look funny to be more longer than wide. I thought you could go twice your width than length and still look alright. Whats your thought? I need a building permit if I go any bigger than 12X12.

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Well as the owner of two sheds, I will weigh in here. I think square looks the best but I think you will be fine twice as long as wide.

I am assuming your 5' Overhang on each side is what is making it about twice the width, right?

Best thing is to tape it off where you plan to put it. The main structure and with the extensions for the overhangs. The structure itself will be most visible -- the pillars/roof line of the overhang not so much (IMO).

There is a Tool Shed Forum in the Garden Forums section you might want to try for advice and maybe a Garage/Workshop Forum here somewhere.

I have a shed that is three times long as wide and it is hideous. LOL. It was an old chicken coop -- eck. I also have a square potting shed that is adorable.

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Sophie Wheeler

Lean to's count in needing the building permit. They are part of the shed.

There is no one out there who ever regretted making their storage building larger, but plenty who regretted going small. I'd do a standard 20 x 24 and never look back. That's an easy enough size to be able to DIY with the help of some family and friends.

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Actually the Lien two on the one side is on the property line. That is why I dont want to get a permit. Im supposed to be 5' away. So if they tell me to tear it down Im not out much but some steel from the roof. I plan to close it up in a few years if no problems occur. I get along with all my neighbors so it will probably be someone assessing the property that will say something.

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Sophie Wheeler

You may get along with your current neighbors, but one sure way to make that cease is to build a shed on the property line. Or over it because you don't know exactly where it might be. One visit from the city and you'll be doing more than "just" tearing it down. You'll be paying fines as well. Even if your neighbors don't currently object, they won't live there forever. Any new ones will surely object and call the city about the issue.

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I don't think that the typical metal shed will support a "lean-to" on either side. They are inexpensive for a reason. These sheds are not intended to be loaded on the walls (from either the inside or the outside).

Also, my experience with the "barn-style" is that the barn roof is formed by bending a straight metal sheet and the ribs are cut to allow the bend. The cut ribs create an opening in the roof at each rib which is then "sealed" with butyl tape. Bottom line is that they leak. So straight roof next time for me.

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I've found with sheds...that bigger is better.
otherwise you regret it later.

best of luck.

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