Beveled edge or regular edge subway tile

HomeblessingsApril 9, 2013

We've picked the 3 X 6 .22 cent tile at Lowes for our kitchen back splash. It comes with either a regular edge or a beveled edge. I think the beveled edge might help grab and reflect the light, that may be absorbed by the dark counter tops we are installing.

However, I mostly see regular edged subway installed in all of the pictures that I find and love online. When I see the beveled tile used, it is mostly in a bathroom. Can anyone tell me why it's not a popular choice for kitchens?

I've also noticed that when a beveled tile ends on a wall it always has trim around it, where the regular edge tile doesn't. Is this something that has to be done with beveled tile? I'm not sure if I like the tile enclosed in trim.

Examples of trim around tile:

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I used beveled edge subway tile for my kitchen backsplash and, while I love the texture it adds, I wish I had chosen one that also offered a 3x3 beveled tile. Naturally, when the 3x6 tile is cut, you lose the beveled edge on that side. The installer dealt with it by running the full tile vertically along the two exposed edges. This annoys me on the short backsplash behind a 12-inch counter where it just looks out of proportion. I'm afraid that the 3x3 beveled subways might only be offered in the more expensive lines and I was already over budget and up against a deadline.

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Homeatlast- Do you have a picture so I could see what it looks like? I think I know what your talking about. Does it look something like the first picture, but with the same beveled tiles used around the exposed edge ? Does it look odd on the edge where the tile is cut? It's hard to tell from the pictures I've seen that only show the front view and not a side view.

Does it bug you enough that you wish you had just used a regular edge tile?

Lowes doesn't have 3 X 3 to match the beveled subway tile. Not sure if I want to go up in price to find one that does or just get the regular edge tile.

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I also have beveled subway tiles from, the edges were burned, since there was no boarder tile I used a matching pencil tile (all bought at HD). The pencil covered up the burn mark, more importantly I like how it looks.

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It's certainly harder to wipe down, with all the angles to hit. That can get old pretty quickly.

I would be concerned with such an unusually inexpensive tile, and one with what would seem more complicated to manufacture than a flat one. It's a big labor and mess investment. I guess on a back splash you don't really have to worry about chipping. Not sure what other problems you might run into. Maybe unevenness or warpage, small size variances, that makes installing more difficult? I've heard tile men speak of that with what they call cheap tile from the big boxes or certain manufacturers. I remember it with flooring installs. Be careful and inspect or have your "very experienced and highly recommended" (lol) tile man approve first.

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