Welting; yes or no? Paint' grey or white?

mtnrdredux_gwJuly 31, 2014

I am having new outdoor cushions made for some wicker pieces from the PO at our beach house. These are for a screened porch at the back of the house (unrelated to the kiwi stuff on the front verandah that I asked about before).

The walls are white, the floor is painted grey, and this is the rug:

I have already selected the fabrics. The grey coral goes on the chairs, and the grey starfish goes on the sofa. I will probably add the much-maligned pop of color with a throw or somesuch (but it has double french doors to my LR which has a lot going on so...).

One of the chairs, shown with new fabric choices:

A circa 1960s sofa (hard to imagine someone paired these cushions with the green, no?)

Two questions:
1. Paint the sofa white or grey or leave as is?
2. My seamstress wants to know if I want welting on any of these peices and if so, what? Id usually say yes, but those sofa cushion are "L"s and I don't know if it would look odd?


PS As an aside, I have always been a Dash and Albert fan, incredible value. But I find that their large cotton rugs are just too thin, and end up feeling like a tablecloth on the floor, always wrinkled, can't move furniture over them, etc. Small is ok, runners are ok, but I have a 9x12 I can't really use. Anyway, I bought two indoor outdoor rugs from them and I am really impressed. I was worried I would not like the feel but they are fine, esp for a beachhouse. And, they lay right, unlike the large cotton ones.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Lovely fabrics.

Yes paint the sofa gray. No welting on sofa. Yes welting on chairs.

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Thanks, Annie. Just so I know, why yes on the chair and no on the sofa? Also, I should have mentioned ... We changed the design of the back cushion on the chair. I didn't like the idea of outdoor furniture upholstered that way; ie not removeable. The new back cushions on the chairs have a back and front sort of like a life jacket and little ties.

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Another vote for sofa- painted grey - no welting on sofa cushions and welting on all chairs. All of your greys are lovely. The porch will be so restful... If needed: color pops could come from flowers or accessories; however, the fog-like greys are perfect by themselves.

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All you've chosen will look wonderful! It is great that you are using the olds - the stories they'd tell...
Totally agree on the back cushion for the chair.
That is such a cool sofa; but I would welt it. Even though the lines are curvy, I would welt all the angles on the seat cushion for sure. The back and side cushions I would change a bit - square them up and welt front sides and the top. Your seamstress will hate it but It seems to need a bit more structure. Weirdly I might see how it looks left green. Will you add any color via throw pillows? If anything else will have green in it I'd see how it looks with the new starfish.

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Thanks for sharing your opinions of the rugs. Very helpful.

I would think leaving the couch's wicker as is would keep everything from looking "just so." At least wait until you get the cushions on it. Maybe it will truly look awful or maybe it will be a keeper.

I think the couch is no welting because the bolster cushions are rounded, not angular. If there was welting on the bolsters it could only go around the ends. It's an interesting shape. I wonder if the existing cushions are original to the wicker? I'm not sure they are in agreement.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Even if removable, the cushions on the chair will be more angular and I believe it is more typical of the style. The frame of the chair looks more formal and I think should be played into.

The sofa however has a much looser shape and form and I think the welt lines will work against it rather than for it. Without welt will keep it more casual and consistent.

Just one gal's opinion...

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Thanks, all.

Annie, i agree, I just wasn't sure why, so it's helpful!

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Love that sofa, it is cool! I would def paint it gray. Also would welt all cushions. Welting helps cushions keep their shape, the lack of it is why the existing sofa cushion is a shapeless blob. As to the back cushions, I would not keep those L shapes. Your upholsterer should be able to make new cushions in three pieces--- one back and two sides. The foam of the back cushion can be cut so that the ends sort of wedge back, making a good fit for the side pieces. Or she can come up with some other type of arrangement that will dispense with the clumsy L and probably be more comfortable. Welting on everything. (And I would do a contrast welting in a solid gray but that's not everyone's taste.)

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Totally agree with kswl - those L shaped cushions are the problem and should be one piece across the back. I'd have that back cushion stop short of the arms and have the side cushions extend fully to the back. Paint the sofa gray. I can go either way on the welting.

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Agree with others.....paint sofa gray (white if you don't want matchy or even a deeper or lighter gray) welting, and reconfigure cushions. Cool sofa!

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