Can't remove sliding glass door

jtimagegMay 30, 2014

Can't lift the sliding glass door out of the frame because the header has sagged about 3/8" over the years. The sliding glass door unit is 94" wide and the slider is 48" wide. I have tried moving the door to either end of the track and the side of the door that is on the end of the track, barely clears the track but the other side, which is in the center of the track, will not come out. Top of the door is right against the top track.

I was thinking of using a hydraulic jack to lift the center of the header enough so I can remove the slider and replace the rollers.

Any other ideas?

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As a general rule, sliders are only nailed to the building through the outside nailing rail, and screwed to the header through the tract.
There should be some space between the top track and the header.
Cut an exploratory hole just above the top track and if there is a hollow, removing a 1/2" wide strip will afford you the space to raise the top track enough to complete the repairs.
You can patch the wall above the header or wrap it with moulding

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Pull the jambs and track. That door will come out.

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There are 4 screws, 1 on each corner for adjusting rollers. Lower top rollers and raise the bottom ones. Use 2 flat bars to lift bottom of door out first. If bottom rollers are shot you may have to lift the loose roller with a stiff putty knife while holding door up with flat bars. Needless to say an extra pair of hands will ease things considerably.

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I think Klem1 has got it. Make sure the rollers are retracted top and bottom

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