bookshelves around a fireplace with a vaulted ceiling

montanaboDecember 29, 2009

I am looking for help regarding design ideas for adding bookshelves around my fireplace. The fireplace is in the center of the wall of our diningroom/living room. The room is approximately 40feet long with a 18ft vaulted ceiling.

My problem is that the wall also has two large picture windows - one on either side of the fireplace.

I had thought to take the bookshelves all the way to the ceiling, but that is a very steep angle coming back down to the windows. My second option is taking the bookshelves straight across to match up to the top of the windows, but then the mantel is significantly lower. My third option is to build the bookshelves to the same height as the mantle, but that literally chops the wall in half.

Has anyone else run into a similar problem or does anyone have an idea?

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How tall are the walls, and do you have any pics of the area?

My initial thought is to take them to the ceiling and frame out with molding but it all depends on height of the windows and walls.

Try posting over at the Home Decor forum for more input.

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They'll look best at window-top height. It will 'frame in' the fireplace and give it emphasis as a design element. I'd use something non-rectangular over the fireplace, to offset all the rigid lines.

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I agree with jkom51.

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Here's what I have .. and it works for me, but my windows are small ..

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this is a picture of my current fireplace wall and a picture of what I am hoping to do when we remodel.

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Current Great room

Inspiration picture for remodel

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Just wanted to post a picture since we are almost done with our remodel

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it's beautiful! classy, elegant and calm. i really like it.

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