Uba Tuba Counters

lynne412April 10, 2013

My designer recommended Uba Tuba for my countertops. I have heard mixed reactions to this selection. It looks good with my cabinets. Would like to know what people on this site think about uba tuba.

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Its a fairly common and inexpensive granite, more on the budget end of things. It can look pretty different depending on when and where it comes from. Run a google search and look for photos to see if you like it. As far as maintenance goes its one of the granites requiring less maintenance.

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One of my neighbors has it and loves it! Theirs has lots of depth and interest, it is a beautiful dark, dark green that is lovely in the morning sunlight, and it takes a high polish very well. No wonder that it is so popular. Just a bonus that it may be budget friendly, too.

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It was very popular at one time. Some liked to use it if they did not want to commit to a black granite, as it looks very dark, yet is not black.
As posted above, it is on the lower end and is not high maintenance.
There are other granites in this price range. I would hate for you to miss out on something that you could really love in your kitchen by just following this one recommendation.
That said, Uba is a nice granite and I especially like it use a green backsplash.

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I adore it. For a time, it was overused, but I see it less and less nowadays. I still think it is one of the most beautiful granites ever. I am getting ready to use it in a powder room, just a small piece, because it will really work in that room. So if you like it, go with it. Things become popular for a reason, right? Just get a slab that looks best with your cabs, because it can be very sparkly with glints of gold, nearly black, or something in between.

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Thank you so much for your input. As far as sinks I do not like stainless steel, have had it before. She is recommending a silgranit sink. Any thoughts on what color to use with uba tuba counters?

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I have Verde Peacock granite which is similar to Uba Tuba. I used a silgranite sink in the Anthracite color. It blends in so nicely with the countertops. From a distance you can barely tell you have a sink. I think it would look great with your granite choice too.

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Oops, meant to post this picture of the sink.

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I have Uba Tuba on our dry bar with cherry cabinets (solid, real cherry--which ages to a rich reddish brown over time). It's beautiful. I put it in 12 years ago. Would do it again in heartbeat!

If you love it go for it!

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My parents have had it for many years and it looks really nice at their house. They're very happy with it.

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Good choice 12 years ago but we are moving 2 kitchen generations beyond that already.

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Another troll post by oceangirl. Ignore her - granite is thoussands of years old and timeless - if you like the look of uba tuba then go for it.

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Yeah, you really can't pick something that is millions of years old (I think the granite on my island dates back 50 or 60 million years as the probably time of it's formation) and think of it as something to replace every 10 years. The new and exotic may well be the priciest choice and the one you would most quickly tire of. Would you reject a brunette baby because they were the most common or love the individuality of your very own?

Uba Tuba was one of the first granites you saw, and there is a lot of it. It is usually one of the base priced selections, but it doesn't mean that it is lesser quality -- just that it is not rare or new and exotic. Some has more green, some has more gold, and some will look even more dark and black. Do pick your slab for this one so you aren't surprised.

I have a neighbor who has it with a white kitchen and I loved it. Thought it was black when I first saw it, but it has more character and life. I'm sure it's been used in other homes around here, but that's the one I always think of. It has gotten a bad rap from folks who want the latest and something different or simply something to know they spent a lot more on, but it is a classic for a reason. Unless everyone you know has it and you're tired of seeing it yourself, I wouldn't be concerned. Every slab is unique.

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Molly Phillips

We just removed our Uba Tuba - we recycled them in the building we're constructing for our small business, so it's not like we just threw them out for the latest trend. They were in the house when we bought it and as we planned our kitchen for better function, the counters had to go. However, I never would have chosen Uba Tuba again because the dark counters were SO difficult to keep clean. Water spots show up big time on the polished versions of that particular granite. It also made our kitchen super dark, like all the light got sucked into the counters. I had very warm tones on our cabinets and the coolness of the granite was too much of a contrast to me, so I was happy to see them go. Ironically, since we put the same cabinets and counters in the break room of our building, they look completely different and I like them a bunch better. I still would hate to be the person wiping them down each day, though.

It's a very personal decision and if you like dark counters, it's a great, affordable option. Just wanted you to know the downside to dark counters in general.

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Uba tuba is lovely and if you love it, get it. However, as others have said, you must choose the slab because they all differ.For me, visiting several stone yards and seeing all the various stones, was a great experience, that shouldn't be missed.

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