Day 49

mst___November 29, 2005

I've lost track of what day we are on but I think it's day 49. This was a fun one to do. After I got everything done, I thought I should have filled in the Christmas light bulbs with color. I would have had to fiddle around with it to figure out how to do it.


Here is a link that might be useful: cat with ornament

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That's cute Teri!

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How cheery Teri.
Nicely done.

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Can someone help a complete novice! I've just starting to try this, I've downloaded psp X, but everytime I try to send a file to it, it says its not formatted right. If I can ever figure it out it looks like alot of fun! Thanks for any help!


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Diane could you explain it more?
Do you mean you can't open a file (graphic) in PSPX or save a file while in PSPX?
Welcome to the new world of enjoyment.
Nice to see newcomers here.


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So cute :)

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