Glass house in woods #3

palimpsestJuly 26, 2014

FoxRoach $499K, Wayne, PA.

I think this one may actually be sited better, approach-wise: you don't come up to the garage. But then the garage is in back and under so you look out at a fair amount of driveway--always a trade-off.

This also shows that there is another house rightnexttothisonethatclose, despite the seclusion of the setting.

I think this one might show better empty or almost empty. With apologies to the occupants, the furniture and the periwinkle-ish blue all over does not really sell the interiors--and actually this house is really about the setting anyway.

I am also not a fan of the almost fumed/ammoniated-looking black woodwork on the interior--which seems to be original.

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Pretty house, needs a heavy-handed decorator.

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The quality of construction seems better for this house. You are right that there seems to be a lack of privacy with the other house so close, especially the way the decks/balconies are lined up. Where I live, houses are close together, but sited and designed so that there are very few sightlines, if any, from one house to the next.

It's a shame that his house doesn't have terrazzo floors throughout. That would be preferred to the weird traditionally colored wood and blue broadloom.

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This house leaves me cold. It is overwhelmingly claustrophobic and has a completely uninteresting interior. .

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I think it is the furniture and color that kills the inside. If you remove the furnishings and the blue (which is not a bad color but in this house totally unsuitable), it looks better. It would need some interior color because the winter exterior is probably bleak, but it needs to be the right color...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I like this one, too, but prefer the other both for location and feel. Neither is perfect, but I would live quite happily in either! Keep 'em coming Pal. I am working on DH! ;)

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I could not deal with that driveway in the winter. I also want y kitchen on the same level with the garage so I'm carrying sacks of groceries up the stairs.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Ha, ded. With the other one, I told my DH we could probably figure out an unobtrusive way to add an elevator when we can't do stairs anymore.

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I was mostly interested in these because the frequency of this sort of house coming on to the market was approximately "never" and now they are being put up for sale at regular intervals. I guess it has something to do with the age of typical owner (?). Owners dying or entering assisted living has a fair amount to do with the volume of certain styles of vintage furniture entering the market, so it probably has a similar effect on houses to some degree.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I think you are right, Pal. I had two friends in elementary school in
Penn Valley who lived in what I remember as wonderful modern houses. They were cousins and lived next door to each other. I loved those homes-they were so different from anything I had ever seen. It would be fun to see them now.

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This house appears to be below street level, a total non starter for me. I also don't think I'd enjoy a deck in the front of the house.

The blue front door looks like it was borrowed from a center hall colonial somewhere. Otherwise, the entry is very nice.

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Yes, it's below street level. If I were designing a house here, I think the garage would be at the top of the house and I might have a bridge-type thing to an entry closer to street level, and the living area would go down from there.

As it is, the back of the house is where the views should be preserved and it's all paved. I know people balk at having guests see the garage first, but ultimately that's what most people see first anyway. Very few people approach the house first from the sidewalk and front entry even if that's where they end up going. The key is to make it look decent, not neglect the design and leaving it the obvious butt end of the house.

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My question would be who they use for their glass enclosure? I live in NE and have replaced seven sets of sliding doors on a sunroom and am unhappy about the amount of cold that seeps through in the Winter months. Replacement is expensive, especially when one is unhappy!

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