Drywall repair behind cabinets?

jessraeMay 3, 2010

We are planning a kitchen remodel and will be opening a 4' X 6' piece of wall so that our plumber can have access to our pipes. We are planning on doing the drywall work ourselves - this will be our very first time hanging dry wall! I'm wondering, after we hang new dry wall, do we need to tape and mud the dry wall if the entire area will be covered with either cabinets or a tile backsplash?

Thanks so much for your help!

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Behind the tile back splash you need to tape it. You don't need to tape it behind the cabinets but I would. Behind the cabinets you probably don't even need to drywall it.

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At least put on tape and a first coat of mud.

It reduces infiltration and keeps out the creepy crawlies.

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Good point on the creepy crawlies! I'll tape and put a coat of mud on. Thank you for your help!

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Plus you'll never have a better opportunity to learn how to mud without having to live with less than perfect results of your "education"! It's fun!

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I primered & semi'glossed inside(back wall) of my kitchen cabinets. Have linoleum on the shelves so cleaning them is a breeze!! Would be depressing to look at 2x4 studs & dirt could sift in besides critters! Simple to paint while cabinets are down!! You'll be glad you did later. 4x6 ft or even full wall would take very little time with cabinets off.

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