Bath tile question

hilltop_gwMay 24, 2010

I'd like to replace the green marble double sink we currently have in our master bath with a more neutral color. That's an easy fix. But, the area around the jacuzzi is white tile with a row of green square tile and also a row of green rope tile. Can the green tile be cut out and replaced very easily? Or should I try painting over? I'd prefer to replace, if it's not too difficult. Neither row of green tile is in an area that gets water.

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We're currently going through a similar situation. Our bathroom was done in the Art Deco era, tiles are lilac and black and several of the lilac tiles around the room are cracked. Lilac, is not easily replaceable but, black is. Since the shower needs major repair anyway, what we're doing is having all the tiles removed from the shower (which is a black and lilac pattern, mostly lilac). The contractor is cutting out the wallboard in it's entirety and what will happen is we'll be soaking the board and he's told us the tiles will peel off the board quite easily.

Plumber will install new pan and fixtures in the interim, then tile guy will come in and first repair cracked tile around the room with as many lilac tiles as he needs from the shower, then he'll re-tile shower using newly purchased black tiles and leftover black and lilac tiles in a new pattern.

Don't know if this helps but that's how we're handling it. Don't know if you can do the same around the jacuzzi or not but it's a thought.

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