Window flashing

ionized_gwMay 13, 2011

Please be patient if I have the terminology wrong. I don't know much about windows. I have a mess of windows to work on. Most of them are probably like the ones pictured below. I took a shot of one that I have pulled out the cracked caulk out of, and one that is still caulked. The latter is not the worst one. Some have a larger wad of caulk that is in worse shape. Note that in the picture with the caulk removed, the strip of wood visible at the edge of the window casing is nonfunctional molding.

The strip of wood at the bottom of the cement siding, above the window casing seems to be the only flashing to keep rain water that is running down the siding from continuing over the window or behind the casing. It does not look that great to me, but maybe this is typical and adequate. Note that at least some these little boards might now be shaped so a little water pools due to decay and my removal of that decayed wood with a wire brush.

Should I just re-caulk and paint or is there a better way to fix this up?

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Do not caulk that kind of horizontal joint. That will make a water trap. There is no flashing there; only a wooden drip cap. A molding shaped to shed water. Not as effective as a metal flashing.

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The way to do it right would be to remove the siding around the perimeter and flash it out properly. Unfortunately that siding is super brittle and hard to get if you break pieces. If you have older masonry suppliers in your area, they might be able to match it up if they have old stock laying around, but it would be a lottery shot. Another avenue to obtain some would be if you happen on a house that has it and they are replacing the siding. It's possible that your siding contains asbestos, so most leave it in place and reside or lath/stucco over it by way of furring strips.

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Thanks Guys, that was not the answer I expected with respect to not caulking it. Thanks for the asbestos warning. I have not checked because I think it is very unlikely that it does not have asbestos. I checked into disposal before we bought the house. It will be expensive to have it removed. If I remove it myself, however, I just bundle it up and put it at the curb on regular trash pick-up day.

As far as residing over it, I don't think we can do that because there is already a layer of wood siding underneath it. That, I did not know before we bought it. There are some recent replacements installed on the house. Unfortunately, they did not use galvanized nails so I have to pull them out. There are some replacements stacked on the property too. I think they may be same thing as the recent replacements that are installed. They may be modern materials without asbestos. They appear to match the original pretty well.

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