'Find a Note' The latest TV scam?

newjerseybtJune 6, 2006

Am I seeing things? I couldn't sleep this morning and turned on the cable.

My opinion is the following:

The commercial goes somewhat like.........

Notes can be found everywhere! You buy notes and resell them? Another words you buy money and resell it for a higher rate?

The deal is the advertisers SELL you a 3 step package that shows YOU how to go about it. They stay clean themselves!

IMO, stay away from this like the bird flu! This is a great money saving tip!

Someone once said "the problem with common sense is that it

it isn't very common".

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Most all of it sounds like the following to me:

I'm so amazingly rich! I do nothing for it, I make nothing, sell nothing, in fact I just sit on my amazingly rich arse as this perfect money making scheme runs itself and throws thousands upon thousands of dollars in to my ballooning bank account!

PS: despite having endless supplies of money and free time to do nice things with it, I thought I would go to great lengths and expense to sell you the concept for $20.

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For a while there, I thought ...

... that you guys must be running a casino!

Actually, I have some ideas that I'll send you for whatever you think that they may be worth, then you can pass them on to others, same deal.

If you figure that they ain't worth much, you won't stay on the bandwagon long, same for the folks that you (nasty word - "recruit").

But if you decide to stay, you'll end up with more dollars, that work harder.

And, if you're a Canadian resident, maybe my ideas might help you plus your supporters, save some taxes along the way - over the last 3 years I've reduced my income tax load from just over 10% of income to, while I enjoyed a modest increase, about 8.75%: paid within $25. of the same number of dollars over the past 3 - 4 years.

Not a bunch of fancy ideas, or any get-rich-quick stuff, mostly common sense.

By the way - which would you prefer: saving a Dollar of costs while enjoying pretty well the same lifestyle, or getting a Dollar increased income?

Are you in 25% income tax bracket? If so, you need $1.33 extra income to equal $1.00 lowered cost of goods that you'll pay for using after-tax income.

Just thought you might like to know: but you knew that already - I was just calling your attention to the fact.

Best wishes for making your dollars work most effectively - for you, not the guys who sing those beautiful, memorable advertising songs on TV to get you to move your money out of your pocket ... and into theirs.

ole joyful

P.S. If you are Canadian, do you know how you can make about $30,000. year (single, non-senior) and pay nary a cent of income tax?

There are, of course, a couple of provisos: ya gotta be rich, and ya can't work.

Well, if you feel morally obligated to work, to pay your way in society, that's O.K. - but don't take any pay for it. (If you have employment income, that idea will still benefit you - but you won't avoid income tax liability entirely).

o j

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