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star9763May 4, 2009

Where do I get these replaced? Will it be expensive? Should I just do them myself? Any help would be nice:)

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If your screens use the rubber bead to hold in the screen, replace them yourself - it is cheap and easy. Just get yourself the specially made inexpensive tool with a wheel that allows you to push the bead in.

Remove old screen and bead.
Get screen and cut to a little bigger than the window.
Secure in place with the bead, pressed in with the tool.
Trim the excess off with a sharp cutting tool or razor.

Don't put the screen on too tight or it will deform your screen when you push in the bead. Best to leave it a little loose so it tightens up just right.

If I had to pay for every screen needing fixing, I would be out about $500 or more by now. Kids, dogs, and cats, take their toll.

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Many hardware stores repair screens/windows.

Like the previous poster said, DIY screen repair is easy if the screens have replacxeable bead---you can buy the beading tool, new bead(a good idea), and screen at home improvement/hardware stores.

A pair of scissors and a utility knife complete the tools needed.

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You can also get all the stuff you need at the home store to make entire brand new screens if you can't just replace the screen material. I made several screens for my home where none existed and they were easy to make and inexpensive.

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when replacing the spline (bead) bring the old spline with you to the HW store. Splines come in different thicknesses.

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