Advantium height, please help! How high is yours installed?

lalalisa123April 9, 2013

I'm about to sign a final contract with my cabinet maker and noticed today that the top of my Advantium 240 is at 70 inches which would make the bottom of it at about 51". It will be mounted above my wall oven. Do you think this will be annoyingly high? I'm 5 foot 4" so I'm not exactly tall :)

Thanks for any input on how high it should be installed!

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Ours is mounted pushed to the top of a single wall oven cabinet, 59" high at the top of the oven. We are waiting for some drawer fronts to be delivered to cover the shelf space where we are keeping the trays.

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That does seem annoyingly high. Try lifting something the weight you would put into the oven up to that height to see how it feels. Now imagine it being very hot. I'm 5'8" and that would feel too high for me.

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I have an Advantium installed above a wall oven. The Advantium is 45 inches above the floor at the bottom of its lower trim piece. To the top of the control panel it measures about 65 inches. When the Advantium door is open it is about 48 inches above the floor. I am the same height as you and wouldn't want my Advantium to be much higher. My cabinets were custom made to the specs provided in the installation instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Installation instructions

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If the led display is higher than your eye level, it is far too high.
Mine is installed somewhat annoyingly low, OTOH...

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I'm 5' tall and mine's at 46" from the flloor.
I based it on the height of the Advantium (viewing into the oven),
--> but I should have based it on when I have door open and me reaching in. Right now at this height, I have to stand on my toes to reach in deep, like to flip the fries over (so I usually remove the pan, bring it down, flip the fries, and put pan back into Advantium).
If I did it again, I would have installed it at 44" from the floor.

BUT DH uses the Advantium more than I do and he's 5'10", so this was a good compromise.

I use the MW in my pantry all the time, and that's really low: 39" from floor. But I designed that so my children can use it.


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I have the OTR version not mounted above the range. The bottom of it is 55" above the floor as it's just slightly taller than the bottom alignment of the upper cabinet. It's fine. I'm 5'11" though. But, that's the height that all OTR MW's are mounted at, so I don't think that one in an oven stack that is that high is going to be much different functionally than an OTR as far as reaching items within it.

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The OTR Advantium opens from the side and the wall Advantium opens from the top. It is easier to reach into a side opening one than a top opening one when installed high because the open door is not extended in front of you impeding your reach into the appliance.

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That's my pic above (white461). The bottom of the oven is at 42" from the floor. I'm 6'2, DW is 5'3. She can easily get everything in there. My MIL lives with us, 89 years old, and I doubt she is even 5', and she uses it everyday by herself.

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Thanks everyone! I just called my cabinet maker to make some changes. We'll see what height he can come up with as I don't want my wall oven to be super low but I think we can come up with a much better height.

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Ours starts out at 50 inches from the floor - I am 5'7+ and DH is 6 feet.
It is just fine for us - I went as high as I could - but it would be too high for anyone much shorter.

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