Want to create attic storage space

buyitjodyMay 13, 2010

On our "to do" list is creating more attic space for storage. My husband wants to put plywood up there. I think we are wanting to do it over the garage. However, I have read different things about doing storage over the garage and how it may not be a good idea because it is normally only constructed to carry the weight of the drywall, any insulation, the roof, and nothing more.

Without having to hire a professional, is there any way we can tell if it is safe to put plywood up there so we can store stuff up there (things like Christmas tree, decorations, etc.)

Also, is the space above other rooms in the house made to carry more of a load on the rafters compared to the garage? In other words, is it better to put plywood over those areas than over the garage?

The reason we wanted to do it over the garage is because our attic access is in the garage, so that makes it a short distance when putting things in or taking things out of the attic.

Not sure if this info will help, but we live in the dallas, tx area (just north of it) and our house was built in 1999 and it is a one story home.

Are there other things we need to worry about like air circulation under the plywood, etc.?

I did find a product online called Atticraft. Seems like a great idea, but looks like the cost will be 4 times that of plywood & screws.

Anyone have any tips, suggestions, or any other comments?

Something to think about is that my husband is a big guy (weighs in the upper 200's), so need to keep that in mind so he can walk on whatever we put up there to get things in and out. I'm in the mid-100's, so am not that big of an issue.

Thanks for any help!


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A lot depends on what type of framing is present.

If the roof is all trusses it may not be designed for any significant loading.

If it is a framed roof you can actually measure the ceiling joists and span and determine what load it might be able to carry.

Framed roofs usually have some margin since there are defined sizes for the lumber used and you must use the 'next larger' size unless you exactly hit on a size based on loading.

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Keep storage over garage.

To install flooring over
the living space you would compress the insulation and
you need what you have in texas!

I like to screw the plywood decking down in case
you ever need access to anything below.

Size of framing is important, because of weight/span.

I don't think anyone starts putting stuff in the attic
with the idea of storing a lot of stuff..but a lot
of stuff sure finds its way there over the years.

Always be careful working in the attic, Make sure there is enough light to see where you rest you tools and put your feet.
oh,,,and cut plywood in half two 8x2' pieces so that it
goes easily into the attic. I have to cut into 4x2 because
it is heavy,,but your big guy wouldn't have that issuel

best of luck.

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I used Infinite Attic.


Worked awesome. But I have trusses in my attic, so I had to use something like that.
Plus, I have to be very careful with what I put up there.
Trusses arent designed to handle load on them....only there to hold up roof essentially.

good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinite Attic

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Try a product called AtticDek. They are hard plastic and can hold up to 300lbs each! Easy to install and will not rot or warp like plywood. They are expensive though. Expect $100 for 10 24x16 Squares.


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