A pretty one

Elly1November 10, 2006

Hi folks,

I did this one some time ago, and had to searching for the link.

did someone post a while ago a place in PSP where you could store info about a tut - like the link, date done etc?

Here is a link that might be useful: link to tut (I hope)

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A gorgeous tut,beautifully done and my favourite flowers.

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Wow another pretty one Elly!!!

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That is really pretty Elly. I don't remember the post you spoke of, but that would be great info to have. As of now I just save the tuts to my favorites, which is getting pretty large. I have added dates to some of them you can change what you want it to read as you save or add it to "My Favorites

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I saved those instructions, can't remember who posted it so hope they don't mind if I post it again for you.

"When you are nearing the end of a tutorial & before doing a final save, you can go to Image > Image Information & click on the "Creator Information" tab. In the description field, add the tutorial name, url (& other info, such as font used etc) Then save as a PSP file. That information is saved along with the image. The next time you say to yourself, "I wish I could remember which tut I used" you will have all the info available in the image itself.
Then do your final save & export as a .jpg"

This tip is similar to the one that we XP users do with a .jpg image......

right click on the .JPG > Properties > Summary & add dates, ages, names of people, places etc. that are in the .jpg......

the digital equivalent of writing on the back of a photo!.... : ))


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Wow, Elaine,
Thank you very much I have both tips saved in my new graphics folder in Word.....I really should post here more - you people are always so sweet and helpful...


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Elly, you are a Vet? We are all proud of you!!!!!

My husband on the top, his dad in center and my dad bottom.
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Elaine.....thanks for reposting my tut info tip....I've had a devil of a time trying to log in & I've only just been able to get in (been trying for 4 days)....hopefully things are sorted out now.... : ))


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FlutteringBy - Thank you for posting it in the first place - I'm so glad I had saved it. Very interesting info.


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Hey gals,
That tut info is fantastic...
Now I have to go back and do it with as many tuts as I have done in the past, and will definitely do it in the future...
Wow....great stuff here!!

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