Can rail lighting/under cab molding be too thick?

Skyangel23April 28, 2014

We are doing white shaker-style cabinets, stock, nothing custom. This is the under cabinet molding option. It is 1 1/2 thick and seems really tall too me. Is light rail normally this thick/tall? I feel like it might be too fancy/intrusive for the simpler shaker style. Any thoughts?

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sorry for the sideways pic, here it is installed:

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Yeah, I think it looks too thick. I'd look for something more slender. I'm not positive it's the best match for the cabinet style either. Will you cabinets have a crown too? I'd want it to coordinate with the crown style.

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I had the same issue with my options. I finally found other trim pieces they carried, not called light rail, and picked one of those. My fronts have a bit more detail than shaker, but I still wanted something smaller and simpler than their light rail options. I think mine are only about 3/4" tall, 1" max. This isnt the best picture of it, but you get the idea. I also wanted straight lines, not 'beads'. Mine just has a slight chamfer (?) on one edge.

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My cabinet shop standard light rail was close to what you are showing. I requested a straight 3/4" light rail be used instead, with no fussy edges. This will go better with the plain shaker cabinet style that I am also using.

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That is too much, as others have said ask for something smaller and simpler. Not even accounting for the fact that it is too elaborate something that deep might affect trying to put something under the cabinet. In my old kitchen the light rail prevented us from fitting our mixer under the cabinet.

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Thank you for the replies, they solidified my gut feeling. I think a 3/4" rail is much more attractive and will go with our cabinet style. I have an email in to the KD to see what else they have. Thanks!

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