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cindyandmochaJune 26, 2005

Has anyone else here read the book, "Financial Peace", by Dave Ramsey? Anyone else listen to his syndicated radio show? I confess that I was resistant at first, but after 14 yrs of marriage, DH and I both are now fans of his. If anyone else has access to his radio program on their local talk-radio channel, I highly recommend giving him a listen. He is not a "get rich quick" guru, but more of a "cut up your credit cards and have some common sense" kind of guy.

If you haven't done so yet, check out his website or google him and tell me what you think.

Anyone else a fan?

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Huge fan. After listening to him on the radio I bought his book. Our church offers his program for financial planning. He has good common sense advice based on his own practical experience. Wish DH and I had been given his books when we were first starting out 18 years ago. I like his advice to "live like no one else so that you can live like no one else". Meaning, don't buy stuff you can't afford until you can afford to pay cash!

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Janet, same here. I wish we'd been bigger fans when we first got married. We have been doing the debt snowball system ourselves and only have a little ways to go now. Every time we consider a big purchase (soooo tempting), I hear Dave's voice in the back of my head.

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Some folks spoke approvingly of his ideas here a few months ago.

I've never heard him, myself, read his books or seen his study materials.

Common sense is common sense wherever one hears it.

The problem for many is in the implementation.

joyful guy

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