glass-top table assembly

kayakluvMay 7, 2009

This may not be the right forum for my question, please advise where else to ask.

I bought a used, older 52" round glass-top patio table (can't afford NEW!), and I need to paint the frame. The inside edge of the metal around the glass top has rust. The frame is sturdy. There is a 2-inch long area along the edge where the glass is level with the metal piece that goes around the table edge, instead of being contained under that piece it looks like it may have shifted if stored on its side or something.

There are two spacers resting on each of the 4 crosspieces which the glass rests on.

I don't know where to look for instructions on assembling a table of this type to decide if it even makes sense to take it apart to paint the frame.

worst case, I will just mask the glass and paint the metal in place. I also want to find a way to get that small section of glass under the lip of the metal surrounding piece, but I don't know how to loosen the metal edge, or if I should leave it alone, considering the rust.

thanks for any help/advice in figuring out the best course of action.

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most often the glass top simply rests on top of the frame with no attachment. If yours is fastened, I would expect the method of attachment to be fairly obvious. It is probably "trapped" between two metal flanges, typically glass isn't solidly attached as such attachment would cause localized stress locations and increase the likelihood that it would break.

Post some pictures and maybe we can see something.

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