Small 9/32' Drill Hole in Cabinet

lostinitMay 30, 2010

I was installing tot loks on one of our cabinets and in order for the tot lok magnet to work there has to be 1/8" or less of material for the magnet to be pulled from the lock via the magnetic key on the outside.

Well I accidentally went through the cabinet so now I have a hole where some wood should be. Is there some kind of sticker, or patch that I could use to cover this hole and make it so the magnet would work or do I need to order a new cabinet door? I thought about reversing the doors and rotating but the handles are on top of the doors so that wouldn't work.

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Sorry you did not use a depth stop.

Drilling on finished items always has some risk of mishap.

I use a solid stop for work like this, not just some tape on the bit.

The difficulty of making an invisible repaire depends on the material of the door.
A 'Dutchman' (small patch) can be cut into wood to hide the hole.
Constantine sells veneer sampler sets that may provide the needed material.

It can be a challenge to get a color and finish match, and malaiine or other materials can be very hard to hide a repair (though there are ways).

Ordering another door is liable to be the easiest solution (through not the least expansive).

Here is a link that might be useful: Constantine's

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Hi, Miniwax makes a woodputty that comes in colors that probably would work to patch the hole that would look good. You could also use crayons to fill the hole with the right color. I have installed moulding and covered set nails with crayons.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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Set nails are not over 1/4 inch holes.

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In our last house, the previous owner had screwed a decorate sign to one of the upper cabinet doors. Not sure how big the holes were but definitely bigger than set nails.

I used one of the crayons to fill the holes. That hid them very well.

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