Joyful ed.....

budsterMay 13, 2004

Potato water goes in my bread when I'm making see someone does use potato water...they just don't drink it. Wait one of our brewer friends might. Bud

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Someone suggested potato water in mashed potatoes instead of as much milk but I think they are kind of blah, not as rich. Anyone else?

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How about adding a shot of skim milk powder (and some butter/margarine)?

That should jazz it up a bit.

ole joyful

P.S. I was about to add some comment to this thread, as I thought that it had stood at the head of the line long enough.

oj (non-drinkable, that is)

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I use the potato water to make my gravy!


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ooh, i had never thought of using the nice starchy potato water for the gravy. i bet it makes it nice and thick without the messy flour/water mix!!!
i'll have to try that next time.

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Hi all,

It's sort of hard to make a dollar work twice, but ...

... it's sort of nice to think that there seem to be several ways of making potato water do just that.

Good wishes for making life frugal ... and interesting at the same time.

Enjoy your week, your work, your family, friends and activitites in general,

ole joyful

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Great advice, Ed. Now I'm going to start saving on shoe polish, too!

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I hope that you put some wear on the bottom of your shoes, though - it's reportedly good for the constituion.

Probably adds a year or so to your life, as well.

Confession time - I don't get as much exercise as I should, though.

ole joyful

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Another one here that uses the potato water when making gravy. Figure if I didn't I'd just be pouring all those nutrients down the drain!

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Ya Ya,

That would be draining on my frugal psyche!

o j

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I suppose one could even wash and wax the car in one step? Maybe not. But I do seem to recall way back when as a young'un my mother used potato water when ironing clothes. I imagine it would be fine as a starch. I don't starch my clothes and heaven knows I don't iron them, save that slip with the soldering gun a time or two.

Not sure if it's true or not but several sources have suggested that you'll save a lot of nutrition by cooking the taters in the peels. Then peel if you must and you'll keep more of the nutrition. Sounded plausible anyway. Course I like the peels myself and AFAIC I'd rather take those raw peels and deep fry or roast 'em, sprinkle with a bit of salt and cayenne and snack away! Tasty little morsels that shouldn't be put in the landfills or compost piles.

Personally when I get mashed potatoes, I want mashed potatoes! I don't like my spuds diluted with the milk and stuff. Good spuds don't need them - just makes them soupy and drippy. Nice and firm to hold a good well of gravy! And no lumps either, whether in the taters or gravy.

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