sugar_flNovember 28, 2008

I am trying to resize very large pictures (3264X2446)down to down to 5x3.5 .. 3.5 is the height & most critical to fit in the album. How do I get those measurement or at least close to that. I am using PSP 9.



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Are resizing for printing them out?????

Try this. "Quickest"

Go up to Image, down to resize-----
Get this:

Then do this:

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That won't work for me. I have tried & tried & can't put those #s in. When I put in percent 1st the width & hight changes.. If I put width & height in 1st the percent changes.
What am I doing wrong?

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You got it right!
That's it!
Now go to File, Print Layout, to place them on that sheet.
You can also push to size on that sheet to make them smaller.(from the corners)

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Forgot to mention,
You are only working with the Print Size part.
Pay no attention to what is above that.

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Thanks Urlee,
I got them printed but had one problem. Somehow I couldn't get the resolution to stay 300. It always went to 180 which doesn't look quite as good. I'll be getting many more so I want to learn to print them the best I can.

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I always do mine that way (above) cause at the time I only have a few to print.
I imagine if you have a large amount to where you will be doing them later, you would have to resize and save them individually in PSP which I do all the time but use the % of original to get the size I want.

For a 3224x2446, the percentage would be 10%.
Go to Image, Resize, and 10 for width.
Experiment just to see as I did and three went on that sheet just like the inch change in graphics above.

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