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patrickkokujinDecember 6, 2011

Just bought this old house near Los Angeles. 3 bed 2 bath (2 story) 1974 construction. I bought this with the intention of totally remodeling it inside out. Its a small house (1400sqft). I'd really like to get some ideas for giving it some updated curb appeal. The roof line is low and I would love to construct a gable style roof over the window and also the garage. Anything that would give us some face to work with. Ive only got 50k budgeted for the front facelift and I will be owner-builder. I posted a picture...hope it shows up.

Any ideas would be welcome...

Here is a link that might be useful: Need Curb appeal

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Do you have the original drawings?

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I think you would be better off working with what's there and dumping money into landscaping. It is not unattractive. It's just naked. I think it would take a lot more money than you want to spend to make it look better than a 70s house that someone tried to make look like something else. That's expensive to do right and not end up looking silly.

I'd redo the trim and gutters in a rich deep green and then go to the landscaping forum.

It's really not bad!

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The low pitched hip roof is what gives it that ranch STYLE! Run with that style. If you do anything hip the other two gables as well, put on some architectural shingles to give it more texture, and paint the garage door something closer to the house color rather than that stark white. Then some simple landscaping and a great door color like orange or lime green and it'll be groovy!

And read up on mid century style and ranch houses. Don't destroy what makes them unique in any other of your interior renovations. Respect the home's style and work with it.

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I would do something with the garage doors

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It's a typical tract home in subdivisions that offer 3-4 different floorplans but remained pretty close in design, popular in the seventies and still doing them in our area with minor differences, most being more efficient windows, insulations and of course, trends that are current such as stainless and granite. Upgraded structural and code changes as well, otherwise pretty much the same home. I wouldn't call it a ranch but here is an example of a house that is similar but with stucco elements instead of brick.

Here is a link that might be useful: newer home, similar design

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Yeah, the garage door looks like it was stolen from a house with some white on it!

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That garage door isn't original to the house. In the seventies, garage doors on these homes in were 2x3 framed with 3/8" t-1-11 type siding sometimes with grooves some without with some types of trims made out of the 3/8's ply laid over the 3/8" door sheathing, (arches, perimeter trimming, or nothing at all).

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Just painting it a color found on the house would make a good difference though. Changing it out for an old school door would require a new track and all. At least it doesn't have mullioned windows.

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Re-do the garage door, and brighten up the front door. Maybe a type of stained wood would be best. I would also HIGHLY suggest doing outdoor sconces on the left side of the garage and two around the front door to brighten things up. Without them the house just looks dim, and I'm sure it is even worse at night.

If it is in your budget you might want to run a light brick walk from the front door a little further down the driveway and add a small garden between the walk and the driveway there. I would also bring out the stones you have in front of the window about 4-5 feet lining them up with the front walkway. Maybe put some simple rose bushes or something in there for appeal.

Landscape lighting is pretty cheap to do as well, and brings out the home at night.

Good luck, this house has a lot of potential to look great. Congrats.

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I design a lot of renovations and from my experience it appears you have handicapped the design process by assuming the front facade should be remodeled first and thinking of it in term of updating curb appeal. It reminds me of magazine articles of how to spruce up your house.

What you need to do is figure out what doesn't work for you in terms of space use and what kind of image you want to project to the world. The best way to save money is to put it where it counts because you will most certainly run out of it before you are done.

I always start with measured plans and elevations and a perspective computer drawing in sketchup. Then I develop changes in the plan to suit your family paying attention to how the front of the house can be made more attrractive for your family and the neighborhood.

Without sufficient information about the house, your family and your neighborhood all I could say is to paint the garage door, add planting, sell it and find a house you like.

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