What to do with the bags newspapers come in?

NancyB007May 4, 2004

Hello, I am new to this board, but I am in "saving black belt mode" as I heard someone say here. But I don't know what to do with the orange skinny plastic bags that our paper comes in everyday. I used to use them for dirty diapers, but we're lucky past that now. Any ideas? I hate to just throw them away.

Thanks, Emily

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Use them for freezing leftover veggies.Layer one nights, twist and freeze.Add some each time you have leftovers.Double bag to ensure against freezer burn. Make an awesome soup at the end of the month.
Another possibility is to recycle them at your local supermarket.I have been in houses where used bags were held in every cabinet and drawer,while food goods and dishes get stacked on the counters because there is no place to put them.In your zeal to become a black belt saver, be careful to retain common sense about the number of things that you have an actual use for.Sandy

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If you have a dog, they make great dog poo pickupers!

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I turn one inside out & use it under messy kitchen jobs like cutting open a melon and for plopping the fat on from skimming cooked meats and for holding spoiled fruit or food I am tossing out of the refrigerator.

I save the produce bags for the good stuff like covering food in the refrigerator.

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Here's another use:

I slit the sides so I have a long rectangle. Then I scrunch it up to make a soft tie for things. I've used them for plants because it won't damage the stems. Once I used a couple around the coiled drain snake whose coils kept jumping out.

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alice in socal,

Those drain snakes are lively beggars, aren't they?

Glad you're not afraid of them.

Congratulations on finding an effective and economical way to tame them!

Enjoy your weekend.


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Trash bags for the car, maybe. You can keep under the seat or stuffed in an empty kleenex box.

Use for mailing plants.

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I keep one in my tote-to-work bag to hold wet umbrellas. I got this idea when I was in New Orleans for work.

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I use them to put water bottles (that I fill at home) in to put in the kid's backpacks for snack/lunch. I fill the bottles half way, freeze. In the a.m. I fill the rest of the bottle and it keeps cool all day. The porblem is that sometimes they leak (or the kids don't put the tops on right)

SOOOO...the little bags with a twist tie keep the backpacks dry.
Also, I use them for making mini greenhouses when I'm trying to root something. I put them on top of a small pot with a cutting in side and secure with a twist tie (or just tie it...they are so long).

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Just had hand surgery and can pull a bag over my arm and rubberband it, so I can take a shower and not get it wet.
Kathy G in MI

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If you use peanuts or shredded paper to pack around things you are shipping (such as presents) I recommend you put the peanuts/shreds into these bags and put the bags into the box. I hate getting a box with loose peanuts or loose shredded paper - little pieces always escape and hide under the sofa, and I have to root around in the box to make sure I've found everything. The bags will keep things neat and also provide the cushioning you want.

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I have been using mine to keep balls of yarn in. I sometimes buy large bags of yarn at yard sales, etc and these are great to separate colours and keep the half balls together.

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I use them when traveling to pack my shoes.

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:) I made it simple- and saved money, and only get the sunday paper, instead of the dailys...

they just make for more recycling, and I can get my local news online just as easily.

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i use them to pick up dog poo - too !

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I allways some by back door. Can slip over muddy shoes and not track up the house. Put lettuce .etc in them + the bags veggy came -they last longer. When painting put brushes,rollers in them tie shut. Will not be hard next day. So start painting again. Slip over flower pots on frosty nights. And raising 5 Viszlas hunting dogs great for poop patrol.

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if you have a friend w/ a dog, maybe THEY can use them to pick up dog poo? A lady here at work was accepting donations of plastic bags for this purpose.

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i used them to cover the ceiling fan blades when i was painting. worked great!


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ole joyful

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Todays, home section of our newspaper had tips for using the bags and you have named most of the uses. Here are some more:

1. freeze unshucked corn, two to a bag

2. soiled diapers, place one in the bag, tie a knot above it, then add another and dispose of when full.

3. cover a forearm cast to protect in the shower.

4. Pack one string of xmas lights to a bag, no tangles.

5. Secure bundles of sticks gathered in the yard.

6. Tie bundles of newspapers for recycling.

7. Insulate outside water faucetts.

8. Hold garbage you don't want to put down the disposal.

9. Crochet rugs. In my opinion, I think they would be to slick to use.

The paper was full of tips for home and garden and the one I liked best was to: Use a sharp knife to cut your phone book in half at the yellow pages. That way , it fits into a phone book holder and isn't as heavy. I think you could also do this by using a magazine plastic strip to put it in a 3 ring binder. The picture showed a piece of paper with list of frequently used phone numbers behind the clear plastic cover. Reading the newspaper is a ritual at our house, we sit together in our easy chairs after breakfast and read the paper. I can't imagine sitting in my desk chair for a couple of hours reading on the monitor...I have enough eye strain at the end of the day.

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hehehe,joyful guy. You're a better (Bigger??) man than most!!

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Question was purely hypothetical.

I have an irrepressibly curious nature.

ole joyful

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Do you have high-top boots?

Fill the bags with packing peanuts, crushed newspapers, etc. and they'll hold the tops of your boots upright.

Upright boots for ...

... upright people.

Or ... do you wear your boots in bed?

ole joyful

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I know this is REALLY old post, but I use every plastic or paper bag. Those that newspapers come in (which I haven't bot in many years) I would use for bathroom/kitchen TRASH. I haven't bot ANY kind of plastic trashbags for YEARS, and I still always have a good supply of plastic bags to 're-purpose'! (And I don't care if a visitor comes and sees a little tiny trashbag in bathroom! Also, to wrap that "dead food stuff" before placing in trash.

BTW - Some great ideas in previous posts!

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OH! I forgot to mention something else. I also save empty food cans (rinsed, of course) for that ugly grease from cooking, ground beef (yuk), etc. I pour the grease / fat into cans. The plastic bags are GREAT for 'putting' those greae filled cans into - double wrapping if necessary - before placing into outside trash cans. HOPEFULLY prevents that really ugly smell and mess in your outside trash - UGH!

Grease never goes down any drain (on purpose) in our house!

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Definitely as dog pooh picker-uppers. At least they are easy to store. Hang a plastic grocery bag from a nail and it can hold about 100 of those skinny bags.

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If you own an older corn-fired heating stove where wood pellets or other materials were needed to start the fire, plus ...

... if you shell your own nuts (peanuts, English walnuts, etc.) ...

... they are great for storing the nut shells, ready to pour a few into the fire-pot when you are ready to fire up the stove.

ole joyful

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Back in the 50's, my mom used to buy carrots in plastic bags. She re-used the carrot bags for all sorts of things. This was BEFORE you could buy baggies and Glad bags. She was ahead of her time.

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I would be careful about using the plastic newspaper bags for storing food as they are NOT food grade plastic.

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I save mine (and the rubber bands also) and when I have a sack full, I give them back to the newpaper deliverer. When my nephews delivered papers, they were charged for the sacks and rubber bands. Paper boys don't make that much for their work and my deliverers have expressed appreciation for returning the sacks and rubber bands.

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I recycle. The plastic that my paper comes in is so flimsy .... it's not good for anything.

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I do two things.....when I pass on the baby caps I crochet for charity I place them a dozen to a bag and just hand in the bagful. Keep them organized and neat. I also have donated them to a local charity shop where they bag up donated wool, crochet thread, smaller kids toys and the like. They have cut down the bags when packaging smaller amounts..you might want to ask if any are needed next time you are out thrift store shopping. I've also seen them used in garage sales to bag fabric etc. If someone is planning a sale it is a way to keep things neat on the table and not loosing pieces or items. Puzzles and game pieces come to mind. Budster

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At my house, they are used for dog clean-up.

If you are a bit crafty, there are a lot of tutorials on the web to knit or crochet reusable grocery bags out of them. They smash down to store and stretch to hold a lot of groceries - and would mean you get fewer bags from the store - and would then presumably need fewer recycling ideas :)

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I get one each day and it's perfect for the morning litter box duty....

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We have a septic tank, so I put used toilet paper in them, and tie the end, rather than flush it.

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Litter box duty here as well. MIL keeps one in her sink, and all her food refuse goes in it. Sooo easy to toss!

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