Finding a program 4 something i can't describe in thislittle room

ms_minnamouseNovember 22, 2007

Okay. This is probably going to be confusing because I don't know if such a thing even exists but...

You know when you enlarge a picture really big, you can see the squares (pixels?)? Is there a program that kind of fills in the gaps or redefines it so the picture can be enlarged without looking bad?

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Are you asking this because you want to print the picture?

No, You can never get more detail than was originally captured. You can scale the picture up or re-sample it but neither will give you more detail.

simply put, scaling will make the print look pixelated.
Re-sampling will make the picture look like it has mutated.

The only way would be to re-scan the image at a higher resolution.

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I really wanted to buy a custom poster b/c I can't find an already made poster that I want.

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I mean *make* but I guess that's not possible now.

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