toro mower leaking gas

txbrownthumbMay 12, 2010


toro 550 recycler model 124707-318501

My toro mower, bought in 1995, has developed a gas leak. As i pour gas in the tank, it comes streaming out onto the frame. I'm not sure if it is a break in the hose or something else. How can i check where the leak in coming from? The engine has endured summer after hot, dusty summer here in Texas and is still going. I'd rather repair it than buy a new one.


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By taking off the fuel line, you should be able to see if it's loose, if there's a bad fitting or the line is cracked or split.
If that's not it, my next guess would be a problem in the carburator reservoir (float or drain valve).

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If the gas comes puring out I would suspect a broken fuel line.

15 year old rubber is liable to be dry and cracked, especially on a fuel line.

They are not nearly the same grade as used in vehicles.

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I checked the rubber fuel line that goes to the carborater;
i could not find a leak or a split. When i detached one end of the line (the one under the tank), gas came flowing out of the opened end- which makes me wonder if the tank itself is cracked. Otherwise, fuel would be leaking constantly (i would think). Instead, the fuel leaks only when i pour it into the tank. Actually, it does not start leaking until i fill the tank almost full, and then it leaks from under the tank.

However, you're probably right that the line needs replacing. Will i need to remove the tank to see if there is a crack?


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I did remove the tANK, found no cracks. i'll replace the hose, seee if that is the problem.



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I had exactly the same problem with mine last spring. I called a repair place and they said that it was probably a seal or gasket inside the carburetor. Apparently it's not too hard to do, but I decided I would let them fix it. It cost about $50 for the problem to be fixed, and it turned out to be what they originally said it was over the phone.

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I checked the tank again and discovered a crack. After a test, i confirmed the tank is leaking. Is there a plastic that will bond to the tank to stop the leak? A new tank is $50, which may not sound like much but I'm retired on a fixed income and sometimes i have to "make do."

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I wouldn't try to repair that. First, I can't think of anything that will reliably work over the long term, and second, it will pose a fire hazard if/when the crack opens up again or lengthens. Since money is a problem, see if you can get a used gas tank by calling a repair service, or putting an ad on CraigsList, or by posting on

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