Aggressive Gasline cost cutting

mechanic999May 17, 2008

If you do your homework, you know cars must be tuned to save gas. But i have hydrogen generator kit for $198.

Now hydrogen generator? Not a lot of people know this, i am mechanic and in auto community people still do not know.

The hydrogen generator will produce HHO which is combutible gas, only thing you have to put the device is water and baking soda($1).

Make your own fuel from water, think about saving. Gas milage increase at least 25%, some says 100%

I definitly recommend this.

check my website at

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Did anyone notice a sign in this thread (short as it is) that says, "Wet Paint"?

May I suggest that that's not the only thing that's "all wet" around here??!!

The subject line speaks of "gasline ... cutting" ... and I'd like to suggest that you choose not to cut your "gasline" quite yet ...

... unless you are in good physical condition ... and like walking!

ole joyful

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Member page say he live in United States. He sure not sound like he from USA.....LMAO!

Not a lot of people know this, i am mechanic and in auto community people still do not know.
You sure said a mouth full there. I sure never knew you were a mechanic. I wasn't aware the auto community people weren't aware of you being a mechanic either.

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No, chemocurl ... I'm surprisesed at you ... I'm pretty sure that you've got it wrong.

It's the hydrogen generator that not many in the auto community know about.

In fact, quite likely hardly anyone ... or even no one (except that one guy)?

Or ... it could be that a few have heard of it, tried it out ...

... and found that there was quite a lot of (undisclosed) baloloney in the construction of the equipment?

Well, if not the equipment itself ... at least in the explananation of how it works?

Good wishes for finding realistic ways to reduce:
1. the ongoing use of energy using the Double P: Precious Petrololeum, plus
2. reducing the level of pollulutants of earth, air and water that we've done increasingly for years, plus
3. reducing global warming (or helping folks from about three dozen or so of the world's major coastal cities, including New Orleans immemediately ... and Halifax, Boston, New York, eastern seaboboard, San Francisco, L.A., Seatattle and Vancouver soon, move to higher ground).

Add quite a few coastal cities in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to that list of cities that we'll need to help move to higher ground as the ocean levels rise several metres (read "yards") as the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets melt.

And what about the cities on the prairies (plus petroleum extraction and agricultural irrigation) that won't work when our glacier-fed Prairie rivers dry up due to no more glaciers?? Maybe there'll be arable land on Greeneenland, once the glaciers are gone ... but they'll probably have scrubbed a lot of the land into the sea, as the North American glaciers dragged a lot of arable land from the Canadian Shield down into what's now the U.S., a few thousand years ago.

ole joyful

P.S. Or ... maybe at least a few of those coastal cities will take a leaf from Venice's book, travel by canoe/kayak/gondola, riding the currents, over the current streets, after abandoning a storey (maybe two) at what's up till now(OW!) the ground floor level?

o j

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