Advice on type of Water Tank

chitra0828May 4, 2009

We need to replace our galvanized 120gsl water tank. Now i have 2 quotes both for Well Rite above ground water tanks. The WR 360 (Steel) tank and the FL 40 (fiber glass) tank. They are both 119 gals so a 1 for 1 replacement. I've been told that hte inside of teh FL 40 can be sharp (even if the outside is smooth), and so it can (over time) puncture the bladder bags, and rubber lining. The Steel tank will cost us about $200 more than the fiber glass tanks. We'll do it if we must, but i just wondered if any homeowner or professional out there could advice whether we really are better off spending the extra $200 for the steel tank?

Thanks so much for your help in this matter.

Best Regards,

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I can't give you any feedback on fiberglass tanks - my limited experience is with steel pressure tanks. If you don't get any info here on gardenweb, you might try looking at - It's a plumbing site but they have a forum on wells and pumps that seems to be fairly active. I didn't see any positive feedback there about fiberglass tanks, but I didn't look very long.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pump, Well & Water Softener Forum

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thanks Turnage: i've posted there as you suggesgted. I had also found a forum called!! but noone has replied to my post, althogh there were 25 reads of it (odd). I did a search on the forums you suggested but found nothing (positive or negative). Did you find negative feedback (since you didn't find positive)?
Thx Chitra

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Just some negative comments from a poster "Speedbump" about a certain brand - Well-Mate. Evidently he has issues with the longevity of their bladders in their fiberglass tanks.

I do know the tank of choice with the well drillers around here is Well-X-Trol. My 13 year old 60 gallon tank is that brand with no problems. My mother's is a 60 gallon X-Trol tank installed in 1978 with no problems.

When I was looking at the terry love site yesterday, I did a goggle search on the site - here's a link. The negative comment is in the post called "Best Well Tank."

Here is a link that might be useful: fiberglass well tank

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Thanks a lot for the links, i'll read thru them.

Best Chitra

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