Stucco paint maisture wicking - PIC

nevik1977May 28, 2014

I'm looking for an opinion on why the paint on my stucco is failing.

Both roofer and mason seem to think the water is wicking from the lower roof at the tie in point to exterior wall. The roofer put up a flashing kickout to direct water away from 'point' and reach gutter first.

Before I invest the money to repaint the stucco, I want to consult the crew here and ask if you think that was the cause and would you move on to paint with added 'kickout'. ???

Can one point of contact cause all this wicking in an almost 270 degree fashion?
If not obvious. Water seems to have traveled down to foundation wall between portch and shutter.
'wicking' wraps around to apex of portch roof.

Added concern:
In an effort to also re-insulate my attic, I came to wonder if I might have two problems here.

Since my home is a 'balloon' construction without wall insulation I have wondered if the ice daming that I get as a result of poor insulation is causing water droplets to drip down the inside of my exterior wall finding a resting place where you see the 'wicking'. How plausable is this?


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Thanks. Pic taken before knockout installed. One last note. It had appeared that this was 'repaired' once before I took ownership. Clearly the water issue was not address, perhaps the prior owner only re-painted which is why the problem returned.

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I don't like the looks of this "flashing". Black roof gunk is not mechanical flashing.

I'd cut the stucco back with a masonry blade and see what's going on. There should be mechanical step flashing between the roof shingles and wall that should be overlapped by the stucco.

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Thanks Trebruchet.

The photo is misleading as flashing does exist and not roof gunk. However; you bring up a good point in that maybe the flashing is actually failing in a different way.

I could never see how a simple kickout flashing at the bottom would correct moisture problem running the length of the flashing line to the roofs apex.

I asked two different roofer friends about the flashing and they were both certain that the flashing was fine. But could not officially tell me how this damage was happening. A 'mystery'.

not getting real answers or confident solutions has been very frustrating.

I think ANOTHER; now non-friend, roofer will need to be brought in.

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