Supermarket flier question

marie26May 31, 2005

I read that manufacturers pay the supermarkets to put in ads for their products in the supermarket fliers and that they are not always on sale. A recent flier gave the original and sale price, then some products said "card price" and others had only a price with no mention of a sale.

How can you tell which products are really on sale when reading the fliers? Is there a site I could go to that could help me figure this out.

I really want to save money and have decided to start doing it at the supermarket.

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Hi Marie (oh, to be 26 again!),

The manufacturers pay the supermarkets to help cover the cost of printing the fliers.

They also often pay the supermarkets for space on their shelves - rent, so to speak.

Read carefully what's said - if it's on sale, it may well be identified as such.

I think that some of the items at least are at regular price - filling up space on the flier and getting the picture in front of your eyes.

Sometimes local ones just say that you'll get so many "Air Miles" if you buy one (or two, maybe three) ... but there's no price given.

I pass over items like that rather quickly.

Nothing beats comparison shopping.

If we're thinkig of non-perishables, I often buy more than current needs when they're on sale. Guess I'll have to store them in my old 1980 van that may well have gone over 400,000 km. (250,000 mi.) that's about had the biscuit - and which I'm worried about putting on the road, for fear they'll pull me over for ventilated body.

I just moved - and have boxes all over the house. Can't find anything.

Enjoy your week.

ole joyful

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I wish I were 26. That's just a number I picked.

I just wish there was a site where someone has done the legwork and can explain the fliers of the major supermarket chains.

I had saved all my store receipts for the past 4 months and finally put them onto a spreadsheet to begin a price book. Quite a few sites say to add the flier prices to this spreadsheet. I had saved about 2 /2 months worth of fliers and started to input the information. This was the first time I think I actually read the flier from cover to cover and realized that I couldn't decipher which items were really on sale. I thought of going to the stores with the fliers and doing my homework but hopefully, I'll find the information on the internet first.

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