program for coding text as to color, size etc

Elly1November 20, 2011

Hi all,

It has been a while since I have posted here, but I see some of the same names here. Before my hard drive died, I used to have a program called something like cod-a-matic.

I can no longer find it on google or in any of the downloads I have saved. It does all of the above but also uses for matting like bold, underline, and italicts ...... I had it in my bookmarks, and lost them as well (they would have been easy to bad!)

Thanks somuch if anyone can help me..



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Hi elly,
I have that program someplace on a drive or DVD. Will check to see. It is as a Zip file. I am on my laptop right now. Usually am on my desktop in the early morning to where it may be.

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This is the closest I came to finding it.

I did find the zip on the GOOD Ole DVD I saved to.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cod-o-Matik

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Thank you so much Urlee,
I found Cod-o-Matik somewhere under downloads I had saved but not the other good stuff you provided. That will teach me to back up my bookmarks as well as my files..
I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving if you see this before then..

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Thanks Elly.
Happy 2011 Thanksgiving to you too!

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