Garage slab with no vapor barrier

jamesbodellMay 27, 2011

Everything I read says you should always put a vapor barrier/retarder under a slab on grade. Whats the harm?

My contractor is arguing the point. He thinks the slab will "float" or that the trapped water will be bad. I disagree, but how hard should I fight it?

Its a slab on grade for the garage, living space above that. I may just put 6 mil down myself this weekedn in prep or the pour.

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Not needed if the space above the slab is unconditioned and you do not care about moisture levels.

Sidewalks are directly on grade with no barrier.

I would put down the barrier to make the garage dryer and more comfortable.

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The contractor just doesn't want to have to remove excessive bleed water. Use a stiff, low water mix.

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