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CynicMay 26, 2009

Had a pleasant surprise at Target today. They are at the end of their April "Value Valley" promotional area where they get special deals on larger sizes of stuff. I had picked up a couple things there before because they were decent deals. But they're starting to put the Value Valley items on clearance so I picked up some things I didn't really need but at 30% off already good prices I figured it's a better return on my money than the banks give so I'll let it sit on the shelf for a while. I picked up some toilet paper, paper towels and dish soap. As I was checking out he handed me the towels and TP as usual then started putting the dish soap (the only other thing I had) into a bag and I told him that's OK, I don't need a bag. I was concentrating a bit because I heard two "beeps" on the dish soap and I was concerned about being double charged. He was saying something that I'd get a discount for not taking the bag. He was hard to understand because of his accent so I didn't think too much about it and when he handed me the receipt he said there, 50¢ discount for not taking the bag. I didn't think it could possibly be a half-buck so I said thanks, took my stuff and started away, looking at the receipt to make sure I 1) didn't get overcharged for the clearance stuff; and 2) didn't get double charged for the Dawn. Sure enough there it was "Bag credit $.50"! I was shocked! And very pleased. Made good deals even better. Have no idea what the policy is or the criteria to get it, or for how long this will happen, but I'm going to pass on the bags at Target from now on. Even carry my own. Now that I have the ones I got from Rainbow! I'll have to ask someone about it next time I'm there. Usually I ask for the handle type paper bags but for 50¢, I can live without them.

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A lot of stores give a Nickle per bag. You must have really "stocked up" on supplies or maybe the employees are told to be generous with the credit. Either way, it sounds like a lucky frugal day for you! Thanks for the tip on the value size clearance items too.

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I was surprised about it too. Actually I had only 4 items. A Dawn dish soap with the refill jug "value pack", 2-12 packs of paper towels and 1 package of toilet paper. That was all. So I don't really know. I'm going to ask next time I'm there.

Also, Menard's has the reuseable bags this week free after rebate, so you pay the sales tax. Limit of 10. And the rebate is a merchandise credit, but I go there often so for me, it's the same as cash. They also have glue, "super hooks", paint roller covers and air freshener free after rebate. I'll be going there tomorrow. I can find a lot of uses for the bags.

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