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jacksmumOctober 9, 2006

Hi folks

A friend has a problem with PSP8 and I'm hoping someone here can help.

She is working on a tutorial and when it's time to click on 3D effects - buttonize the error message appears: "A parameter is out of range" then psp freezes and she needs to restart the computer. Do you have any ideas?

LOL re reading this I realise my advise to try restarting PSP was pretty useless as it's restarting itself! DOH Sue! :)

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Hi Sue,
That is why I hated PSP8 so much (it was constantly freezing up) and as soon as PSP9 came out I bought it and uninstalled PSP 8. Sorry I can't help.

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Thanks anyway Carol.
I could never get 8 to work right for me either - it was just soooooo slow but version 9 runs great.

But my friend is doing an online class using 8 so wants to stick with it.
Sue :)

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I'm late to this party, but have you check to see of there were any updaters/patches for this version of PSP? I haven't used this program since v1, but they used to be really on the ball. Oh wait.... Corel has hold of this program now, doesn't it? Oh well, maybe there are still some updaters out there for you to find. I added a link for one I happened to find.

Here is a link that might be useful: v8 updater

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Where were you when I needed you?
I just uninstalled PSP8 yesterday.

Bless you tho for posting this for others who still struggle along with version 8.


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