How to repair and seal/finish a vintage teak dining table?

infin8tyMay 31, 2013

I bought a really lovely vintage teak dining table from ebay. It is really nice (and was cheap) but it has several large black marks (which I assume are burn marks) and various scratches etc (I knew the condition when I bought it). It is used as our dining table and I have 2 little kids, so sees a lot of action.

I want to know how;

a) I remove the black marks and scratches
b) seal it so that if it gets marks or liquid spills on it, it won't get damaged.

I would like to keep the honey colour. Is this possible?

I don't have much space or money (live in tiny 2nd floor flat) so the solutions have to be practical.

Hoping someone can help and I attach photo of the black marks.

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Burns can only be sanded out. With a veneer like that, they may be all the way through it. Use a dual action sander to keep from sanding divots into it and give it a go. The worst that can happen is that the burns do go all the way through. That would be an opportunity to cut the veneer out and maybe do a decorative inlay with a different veneer, or learn how to do a patch.

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