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KC1964December 7, 2012

I am re-doing my laundry room. I don't know if I should lower the sink cabinet height which I built up to make even with W/D or just leave it as is.

The laundry room use to be w/d behind folding doors. I knocked out walls to make it more like a mud room/laundry toom. Building in w/d makes counter height 40". When the sink is added, the sink is at about 42". We are all tall. I love the steam lined counter. The sink is a little odd at it's height but serves the purpose to wash hands, soak clothes etc. Should I leave sink as is or modify ???

Thanks for your help :-)

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You could go either way, but I am not crazy about how it sticks up. To me, that takes away from your streamlined look and so I'd say, if you like the sink, then lower the cabinet. Or, choose a different style of sink that doesn't add another 1-2" to the height.

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I agree about the sink "sticking up". I wasn't expecting that look. Thanks for your input.

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To me, it kind of depends on how deep the new sink is. If it can easily hold an entire laundry load of water without overflowing (in case of plug-up), then go ahead and get an undercounter sink. But if an undercounter sink cannot hold that much, I would worry about being outside, or in bed, or away from home while a load is washing. Having the ability to drop a load in on the way to work and take care of it when I get get home is one of the perks of having a home laundry.

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