Water damage

holly210May 9, 2014

The trim is completely water logged. I think it's coming from the top area. One worker said that the flashing is missing! My builder said that can't be true. He said he would fix the trim but the other guy said we need to pull the siding and add flashing. I don't know what to do.

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i think repairing may not be suitable solution as it is badly damaged. But builder may have some idea as it is his profession

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Maybe the word repair was wrong. I think I need a new piece of wood and need to find out where the water is coming from.

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How do I even know if the flashing/drip edge piece is missing? I am not pulling off the siding. What can be done? Also, why is there insulation behind this piece of trim?

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These four threads are not helping anyone to see the problem nor respond coherently.

Shame on the OP

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Well, I am the original OP and I don't know how to put all the pics on the original post. Sorry about that. I wanted to post more pics to help people see what I am dealing with.

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You can put all the pix in one post by uploading all of them to a free site like Photobucket, and then simply copying and pasting the HTML code for each one in the body of the message.

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drip edge is at the roof under the felt which is under
the shingles.
if water is entering at this point, gravity
would bring water down the wall, perhaps
the pic is showing water's exit point.

flashing should have been installed at junction of
wall & roof. the siding with the hole should not
have been installed (if hole came later..siding
should have been replaced)

keep your pics to one thread.
looked at all pics, but only replying here...

and fyi the power of the net may not get you far

best of luck.

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Pictures in one location.

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This is evidence of the damage that concerns me

Here is a link that might be useful: Water Damage

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I would take a tour around the entire home looking for any other issues.
I would call in another general contractor to see how to fix it and possible cost.

I would notify the builder. Asking him to assess the water damage does not mean you have to use him.

I have a major waterfall entering a bay room. All are saying water is traveling across an eight foot membrane roof and entering into the home.
Seeing a local news cast on ice dams I hired a man for fifty dollars to take thermal pictures and used his humidity sensor on the leak site.
All are ready to reinstall a torched roof/ membrane roof but the site only leaks with a wind driven rain and eight feet into the first floor.
I climbed the freaking forty feet applying the humidity tester.
The clapboards were 88 perecent and 90 under the gables.
I had them tear out forty clapboards to the apex of the facade.
The flashing failed . You could see the water stains entry site and how it traveled behind the flashing. I also saw perched on the ladder they had use twenty pounds of caulk on the wood trim. The previous homeowner said there were never any leaks.
This leak has made me sick, irritable and beetchy.

I called four builders to assess the issue and their plan of attack.
I slipped two twenty dollars for gas. I hired the third.
The fourth contractor was the one who had attempted repairing the leak in 2005. I was tempted to mail him the twenty pounds of caulk.

Seriously take a walking tour of your home including the attic and basement.
Do a second tour after a heavy rain.
Ask questions.
All said this was going to be an expensive repair but offered no numbers.
I collect all delivery receipts . My repair can easily sky rocket to a five digit number.

Stay calm.
Ask why the site failed and how to fix it. What would concern me is where else they cut corners.
This is fixable.
There is a remedy with maybe a few curses peppering the conversation .

Good luck.

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"tempted to mail him the 20 pounds of caulk?
That's funny. I like your ability to keep your chin up,smile a little and learn from past mistakes.
Instead of mailing the caulk,my Granddad would say you should have hung him up by the heels and bruised his gene bank with a big wooden spoon.

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Flashing, caulk, and a 8 ft. piece of 1x4? Hopefully that's all you need.

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When I went out to take more pics, I "leaned" on the hardie siding and it felt like it was totally water logged. It's gives when you lean on it. What the heck does this mean?

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Hardie siding is mainly concrete, very hard, and does not absorb water. If it gives, that could just be a void space behind the siding, or foam insulation...or, in the extreme, rotting of the sheathing behind it. You won't know until you remove some of the siding. I wouldn't worry about anything being wrong with the siding itself quite yet.

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"What the heck does this mean?"
Not anything good but we need a little additional information to say. How long has the siding been on the house? How old is the house? Do you know for certain if the house had structral rot or termites previously. I ask those questions because it's possible the framing (studs) are bad. Hardie is normaly impervious to moisture. Are you certain that's what you have? I hope you don't tell us you paid to side the house with Hardie Plank and now it's softend from moisture.

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The addition is ten years old. I just had a termite inspector here and there are no termites. Well, it's soft but I don't know if it's insulation or what. I would love to go home and rip it apart myself.

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update: I just had a contractor here and he said that there is NO FLASHING at the corner where the roof meets the main body of the house. Other readers here have said the same thing. He also said the he needs to remove some of the siding to do the job correctly. He will put in a new piece of trim that will be like pvc so this wood will not be an issue in the future.

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