tile on a peeling wood windowsill

PhiphirnMay 8, 2012

I have an enclosed porch with peeling windowsills due to moisture from plant pots. I found matted travertine mosaic tile strips at a bargain and want to put them on the sills. What kind of barrier do I need on top of the wood under the mud? Will a good sanding and a fresh coat of Kilz do it or do I need some sort of thin membrane? The end of the travertine is finished so I do not plan on using a bullnose edge. Thanks in advance.

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There has no standing water. Just pots with saucers or clay pots with orchids in them that get their 2 ice cubes a week. There might have been rain come in on them but it got wiped up. There is NO rot, the seal with the caulk at the window edge is intact but the paint is peeling. I wanted to put tile down when we built but had no time. Sorry, first responder, for the incomplete information and lack of proper grammar.

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