salbwilMay 17, 2006

My internet and phone company keeps advertising savings when they can bundle internet, phone and TV costs. They make these savings available only for "new" customers. I'm upset that we, as steady customers, don't get offered the same savings. Is anyone else getting a good deal combining services......maybe we can switch.


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Talk to your local cable company. They can offer you Internet access, phone service, and lots o' cable channels. If you're not already their customer, they might do well for you. They're looking to expand in to the ISP and phone arenas and know that a low price always catches people's attention.

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Thankyou,but my cable company IS my internetcompany. They are offering good deals to "new" customers, but not to existing.

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Ah. Couldn't tell from your post, since you didn't mention who it was.

Well, then, talk to your local phone company. Out here, Qwest promises to save you money by bundling with them rather than dealing with a telco/TV cable/ISP/cellular. I don't know if that's true (I have no need for a wireline phone and I don't watch enough TV to justify spending money on cable). But your local phone company might be an option.

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Fishermen put a fly/worm and hook into the water to catch new fish.

The ones they caught yesterday - have been caught. Possibly fried and eaten.

If they make the enticing offers available to the current customers - they osemoney.

I wrote that last word as I did to make it a double four-letter word.

It's usual use is "lose money", of course.

But that construction isn't composed of more than one four-letter word.

And everyone knows that for a corporation, to "lose money" is worse than a single four-letter word.

If they allow their revenue to decrease (by offering current customers "good deals") their revenue reduces, which at least reduces, may even endanger their bottom line.


Have a happy weekend.

ole joyful

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You too...........interesting man

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