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holly210May 9, 2014

This hole here can't be good. I think the water is coming in here too

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The addition siding seems to butt to the old facia/roof. The old roof should have been cut back, the addition sheathing applied, and the new siding/flashing tied into the old roof/facia in a mechanical leak-free manner.

The guy who did this doesn't have a clue.

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So, when the contractor comes over do I tell him what you said? Did you see the other pics? Is this why there is water leaking down onto the trim piece that I showed in another picture? thanks

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Sophie Wheeler

Bad design is the main culprit. Needs to have just about all of the roofing and siding at the juncture ripped off and properly detailed with correct flashing. And gutters added. You've got much bigger problems than just that one rotten piece.

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The root of your trouble is no flash where the shingle meets siding,wherther there is more like no steps or improperly installed steps is anybody's guess without inspecting it.
BTW,I agree with what someone else said about starting multiple threads for a single issue.

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As a member of the technologically challenged group myself, let's lighten up on the multiple posts, 'n kay?

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Technologically challenged,

And yet you consider yourself the Moderator? lol

Start ONE thread with post w/pic.

Same thread, 2n post w/pic

Get the pattern? All pics and answers and follow-ups in one thread. As is the OP is getting fragmented answers in multiple threads.

Think about it.

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