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eventfarmDecember 15, 2009

Last year, I had blow-in attic insulation installed in my house. It's been absolutely wonderful!

However, now I have to install a new attic fan (where there wasn't one before). The bathroom is on the complete other side of the house from the attic access and the attic is really only a crawl space type attic. I don't think it's physically possible to get to the bathroom from the attic access at this point.

There are only a few options that I can think of:

1. open the ceiling above the bathroom wide enough to access the roof and just deal with it all there.

2. Have two people do this - one from the roof and one from the bathroom, might be possible to do it this way.

One of the cons with the first option is that I have to replace all of the drywall if I open a big enough hole to get into the attic. I don't do drywall, so I'll have to hire someone to do it. This also brings up another dilemma as I have a drop in the ceiling above the shower, and I plan on raising that ceiling up to the level of the rest of the bathroom at some point. So, should I just go ahead and do that now so that I can just do the drywall once? This seems like the way to go, but itÂs a lot more effort than I was hoping to spend at this time.

The second option seems like a lot less effort at first, plus it would only involve drywall patching (which I can do). One of the cons of the second option is figuring out where to make the hole in the ceiling. If we try to do it without attic access, getting the hole in the right spot will be very important. Without identifying that spot from the inside, I really don't know where to begin.

Maybe there's an option that I haven't thought of?

I'll have to do this whole thing again in my master bath. there is a fan there currently, but it doesn't vent anywhere outside. but that will be easier as we are doing a full gut and remodel. But we can't start that until we get a fan in our second bathroom. :)

Thanks for any ideas you may have!

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Do you have a closet near the bathroom where you could frame out an access in the closet ceiling?

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What does the bathroom have to do with an attic fan?

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sierraeast - good thought, but no. I was thinking about installing a drop-down ladder in the hall which is right near that bathroom, but I don't like the way those look. Also, I really don't need to access the attic for anything except repairs, so it's not really needed.

Macv- my bad phrasing. I meant bathroom vent fan which will go through the attic.

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"...I have to replace all of the drywall if I open a big enough hole to get into the attic."

All you have to do is fill the hole, just a patch.

Put some bridging over the hole if needed, then patch.

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Perhaps you could make another access hatch in the bathroom. You may need it again. And you'll have the hole made already.

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Is there an exterior wall in the BR that you can use instead of the attic?

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annz - in the master bathroom there is. Is it better to vent out of the wall instead of the attic/ceiling? I'm most likely going to put a window in that bathroom once we gut it, so may or may not end up with a fan.

but the issue is the hall bath - completely internal.

I think this weekend I'm going to bite the bullet and start making the ceiling hole bigger and just get my fat butt up there and do it. :)

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