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mst___October 15, 2005

I'm working on a tutorial that requires me to download a preset into the environments and textures folder of SBP. When I tried to use it, I can't find it. I checked my folder and it's there but it is in q9q format. I also have q5q and bmp formats in the folder. The only ones that show up are the bmp formats. How can I make it so I can view the other formats? I'm not sure what I'm doing since I've only used SBP once before. Can someone help me??

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Sorry I don't have an answer but didn't want you to think you were being ignored.
Hope someone can help soon
Sue :)

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I just did some searching so maybe this will help:

Q. Why do my .q9q presets for Super BladePro have no previews?

A. The .q9q files are actually presets from original BladePro. They never contain previews.

In SuperBladePro, there are two ways to do this:

1. Open the preset, then re-save it.

2. Or click the little pointy button underneath the big preview. Then choose "Update presets."


Q.My paint program won't open the presets.

A. The presets are not images, so your paint program's File->Open command can't open them. Instead, do this:

1. From within your paint program, call up the plugin.

2. Click the "load preset" button. The button shows a triangle pointing away from a tiny CD-ROM.

3. A file picker will appear. Open any preset file.


Sue :)

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Sue. That helped! Now I can finish my tutorial. Thanks so much. Hugs back to you!

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