Water Damage

holly210May 9, 2014

There is water damage on a piece of vertical trim which adjoins two sides of my addition's walls. One guy said it was my builder's fault and that there appears to be too little drip pan, flashing, etc. I asked how could he see the flashing and he said he would have to remove the siding to see it. I called the builder and he said the guy was trying to rip me off but didn't really respond to "flashing" message. The builder said he would fix it but I want to make sure he understands that I don't want water in my home behind the walls. In other words, I doubt he will pull off the siding and now I wonder if the other guy was not telling me the truth. I will upload more pics.

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I'm not certain of what I am seeing but if the white corner with damage at bottom is wood,I don't like the installation. There is indeed metal and vinyl trim that is very effective. If that is Hardie siding,using hardie as trim instead of wood is a no brainer. IMO,caulking isn't nessary when the job is properly flashed. I have rough sawn cedar and redwood on a portion of my home. Not one speck of caulk and it's water tight. With that said,I believe splash on the ground is what rotted the piece. If so,it should be simple to cure that.

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Thanks for the reply. I posted more pics--couldn't figure out how to piut them in one place. Anyway, the whole piece is rotted out all the way to the top. It can be seen in the other pics. It is Hardie siding. I am wondering if the water is coming in from the top. The builder used caulk between this piece and the hardie siding.

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