Day 23

mst___October 20, 2005

Since no one else has posted day 23, I thought I'd start it. I made this last night

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Thanks for starting the post.......I hope you will all understand if I beg off till November. I might get a chance to lurk - but I know I will have absolutely no time to do anything else before then. We leave for Myrtle Beach on Oct. 29th (at least that's what is planned). I won't have internet service till I get it arranged when I get down there.

In the meantime - besides packing and getting ready to close down the house, I have my brother and 3 kids coming for a visit with my mom (in the nursing home here in town).....but they will be here. Just found out tonight - talk about a stressful time - but that will just make getting out of town all the sweeter on the 29th, if we get to leave then!

Thanks for being my friends and understanding.


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No problem Elaine.I know it's tough to get on here all of the time. I didn't do anything yesterday and it's getting late today, but am going to try to put something on here.Unfortunately or fortunately, there are other things going on that keep us from being abel to do any psp/ing...Have a great time in Myrtle Beach. I hope to go there some day with hubby and do some golfing.

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Wow, ((((Elaine)))) you've got your hands full. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Ok I haven't had too much time to get on mine and play lately but I got to playing around last night and today. I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to participate as much as I'd like to.

Love your tag MsT. I have discovered the wonderful world of pixels and I like to make these little tags lol. Here's mine:

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Cool tag Teri!
Zipper, have been wanting to do a tut like that..soon lol
Here's what I did today:


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Wow gang, great work!

I have been detained a little too.

Elaine, Please feel that we are with you and understand how overly busy you are at this time. When you get settled, I am sure you will keep us running.

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